Meet Cricket

Owner | Lead Stager | Chief Organizing Officer

Her phone began ringing in grade school. Friends excitedly called Cricket to come over to rearrange and reorganize their rooms. She later graduated with a double degree from University of North Texas and entered their master’s program.

As a team leader, mentor, coach, & educator, Cricket is passionate about passing along her tips of the trade. People around her are empowered. She’s also always had an eye for what looks beautiful and well put together, earning top sales when she was a fashion stylist for Vintage Couture.

After preparing and selling two of her own homes, both sets of buyers and all real estate agents involved remarked that the homes sold so well because of their expert staging and organization. One agent enthusiastically encouraged Cricket to pursue a home staging career.

Cricket fused her natural talent with accredited training and certification through Home Staging Resources. The inception of The Prospering House began, and her phone hasn’t stopped ringing.

Meet James

Owner | Stager | Technical Support

James brings many years experience with construction projects in the residential, commercial and industrial arenas. His engineering background enables him to understand the technical details of any size project, to the last detail. Having run multiple small businesses he also understands how to get the most out of every dollar invested in your project.