Undoubtedly, you’ve heard the saying “Timing is everything”.  That’s true and even critical in listing a home for sale.

Problem:  A local real estate agent in McKinney, Texas contacted us seeking home staging services. Her sellers had already found a new home and went under contract so their existing home had to sell quickly and at market or above.

Solution:  The sellers home received multiple offers and went under contract very quickly because the home seller, real estate agent, and our home staging business worked as a team preparing the home for sale. First, we met together walking the property from the front curb, throughout the house, and into the back yard.  The Prospering House utilizes detailed checklists and made notes on what the focal point was in each area and if there was anything in that space that detracted from the focal point. The photo below was from the master bedroom with a large, arched window and balcony. That “selling point” became much more noticeable and attractive after removing items like extra reading lamps and air purifiers.

After our initial walk-through, the agent was freed up to do what she needed to do most—working on the listing.  The home seller spent a few days decluttering and packing areas while Cricket used what they had on hand (sometimes in cabinets & closets) to create “emotional connection points” in each room so that potential buyers would instantly envision themselves living in each area of the home.


Some purchases like fresh, new bedding were made, but with each item bought we kept in mind how well it would go in their new home after this one sold. They also chose to rent a few decorative accessories from our home staging inventory. As you can see, our inventory is light, bright, on trend, and it photographs well!

This home receive multiple offers in two short days and was under contract in less than a week. Because this agent contacted us, the home was ready to sell and highly sought after.  Carson Wentz wisely declared, ” Timing and accuracy is really what matters at the end of the day”.  It certainly was with this home sale!